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Monday, July 21, 2008

Earn £8 by Running a Single Ad for a Month

I made £8 by running a single Matched.co.uk ad on my blog for a month. Here is the proof of payment!!!

Here is my paypal income notification.

How can you do it? Well, when you sign up to Matched.co.uk, you earn £5 just for signing up.

However, you will only get this £5 after running an ad on your blog for a month. Since running an ad for a month earns you a flat rate of £3, you earn £(5+3) = £8 altogether which is what i did.

Its a real deal, so please do yourself and myself a favor by signing up using my affiliate link here.

To further sweeten the deal, i will give 1000 credits to you if you sign up using my link and successfully display an ad for one month.

The credits will be sent to your account immediately when i receive the affiliate bonus for referring you as my way of thanking you. (pm me at warp9wb[at]gmail.com when you have received your first payment of £8)


Anonymous said...

Wish we can run 5 ads altogether in one blog :P

Sherry said...

oh great, I am interested will sign up now.

Sherry said...

I have signed up and using my blog http://thatblog4me.blogspot.com


Sherry said...

oh yeah mind tell me how to put google ads in the middle of posts in blog.

Sherry said...

i try email you but it said invalid email. :(

Wenbin Nah said...

My email is warp9wb[at]gmail.com

Perhalps the dot com is missing? No worries, i know that you have registered your comments here.

Anonymous said...

Congratulation. I have signed up as well. Actually, I have been in the process of matching for almost one month already. Wonder how long yours got matched?

Wenbin Nah said...

It took some time actually. I think i signed up for one to two months before i got an ad.

I kinda signed up and forgot about it, thinking that it was too good to be true, but one day, lo and behold. I got matched!!!

The best thing is, u can choose the size of the ad and place anywhere you want on your site. (My experience anyway...)

Unknown said...

I've signed up for it and actually gave up after not being matched for some time.... hmm... perhaps I should get back and check the status again.

Wenbin Nah said...

When you get matched, you will receive an email from matched.co.uk with the title: "Ad: Ads allocated"

That was what i got.

VampireXxX said...

How I wish I signed up under your link to get the 1k credits LOL
Actually it depends on your keyword, if yours is business or make money then you will get matched in a jiffy


Wenbin Nah said...


You sure know a good deal when you see it. This is the best there is!!!

dhyarga alfin said...

I have sign up and using my blog http://dhyarga.blogspot.com http://entrecard.com/details/15454

Wenbin Nah said...

Thanks dhyarga. Noted.

Will send you the credits once you have successfully run an ad and get paid!!!