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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Entrecard Self Improvement Drop List

There are a lot of entrecard drop list around. However, most of them feature sites of a random nature. What if you could do your daily drops and improve yourself at the same time?

Now you can with the

Entrecard Self Improvement Drop List

featuring fast loading Self Improvement (health and self development) sites. (Last Updated 16th July 2012)

Here are the sites

1. Better Interpersonal Communication
2. Life's Journeys
3. Wonder Wealth Wisdom
4. livelife365
5. Modus Vivendi - Art Therapy
6. My Dog Ate My Resume
7. Therapy Home
8. Using Humor
9. Losing It - Getting Fit
10. Lazy Bear Blogs

11. Peace, love & happiness unto the whole world
12. Art by Tomas
13. How To $urvive A Layoff Blog
14. Thoughts From MY Cluttered Mind
15. I Empower Myself
16. Tomas' Sketchbook
17. Blessings For Life
18. Your site here

Other Recommended Self Improvement Sites

If you would like to add your site to the list to receive more drops on your entrecard, here are the necessary requirements:

- Your site needs to be related to self improvement. (Health, Psychological, Self Improvement tips etc...) Anything that improves a reader.

- At least 1 month old with at least 10 posts. (Exceptions can be made for reasonably designed sites with interesting posts)

- Your entrecard needs to be above the fold (visible when your page loads without having to scroll down)

- A compulsory reciprocal link to this blog on your site (Using either one of the code provided below) - This helps to promote our drop list!

- Stumble, digg or reddit this page to help me promote this list. (Optional)

The more popular the list becomes, the more drops for you!

That is all. If you meet the following qualifications, leave a comment here (Or message me at Entrecard) with your details and I’ll add you to the list.

This code was designed to blend below or above your entrecard widget

Entrecard Self Improvement Drop List
Copy the code below

Entrecard Self Improvement Drop List
Copy the code below

I will be creating an Entrecard Self Development Easy Bookmark and may also be holdng a contest to promote this list once it is finalised, so do stay timed for that.
Finally, do contact me if you have any comments or suggestions. Thanks


Anonymous said...

Hi there.

Thank you for inviting me to be on this list. I've added the image as you requested.

Solomon. :)

Wenbin Nah said...

Hi Solomon, your site has been added. Cheers

Strider said...

Hi! Have added your link to my site. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hello & Thanks for inviting m eto be involved. Great idea! I've got your icon right under my entrecard widget!

Angel said...

That is so kind of you. I just Stumbled and Digged it.
I am now starting to drop on the list and read the posts.
I also included your blog to My Serious Droppers list.


Anonymous said...

I have recently started a self improvement blog called you are living that will challenge you to improve every day in every way!

Wenbin Nah said...

I have sent replies to each request already. More inquiries are welcome.

Lord Story said...

Add me too

Anonymous said...

Thanks for adding my site Living Well Naturally. I also have a site for dog and cat health and wondered if that would qualify for your list. Here's the url:
The Cat/Dog Log, http://blog.ourdoglog.com


Wenbin Nah said...

I'm afraid that blogs featured on the list need to be self-improvement in nature as well as must have their entrecard widgets located above the fold.

Avatar said...


I have a blog focusing on value investing, analyzing financial statements and war strategies.

Please add me to the list if it fits the bill! :)


Wenbin Nah said...

Yes, i suppose financial literacy is part of a complete self improvement program. Accepted!

Anonymous said...


You had emailed me a while back through Entre cards saying we had like minded sites. I agree. Could I be added to your list?


Anonymous said...

please add my site:
and I will add your code and your site to my blogroll.


Wenbin Nah said...

Great sites. Greener Pastures and livelife365 have been added to the list.

Alex Hash said...

Hello i added the banner on both my blogs:

my 1 st blog is about Targu-Mures, and the link is

my 2 nd blog is a Guid of writing for money and the link is

Alex Hash said...

Hello is this comunity still working ?? i haven't got any response yet ? if i dont get one today i will delete the script and wish you all the best. Thank you.

Wenbin Nah said...

Hi Hategan, i have reviewed your 2 blogs


a Guide of writing for money

and found that they do not meet the theme of the drop list. I'm sorry.

Your blogs need to be related to self-improvement to be listed.

Paul Eilers said...

wenbin nah,

I've added your Drop, Learn, Improve button to my EntreCard on my health blog.

I also noticed you have an additional button, You Drop, I Follow.

How do we get that button as well?


Paul Eilers

Unknown said...


Sorry it took me a while to get back to you. I've been away for a while. I'll be happy if you add my blog, Improving My Life. http://www.improvingmylife.com/

I've just added the link to this post.

Anonymous said...

I would like to be added to this list as well. My blog is about my spiritual journey through paganism and the Law of Attraction.


Thank you

Anonymous said...

Hi! Please add my site


It's about better health through green living.

I added the link and I also Stumbled you!

Thanks! :-)

Anonymous said...

Hi there, I have added your link to my site :)

Take care,

Carol King said...

Hi, great idea. I've added your
link to my site, please check it out when you can. My blog contains self improvement and law of attraction articles.


Kimmy said...

Hello and Happy Saturday. I have found so many blogs to read on this site. I have added your code to my entrecard blog, (above the fold), and I also added you to my technorati favorites. Please add me! Namaste!

Unknown said...

Please add me... Thanks.

TOMAS said...

Please add my art therapy blog to your list. Art therapy reveals our love to other and so helps us to improve ourselves.
I added your button and am awaiting for being included in your list.

Dennis Scherer said...

I have added your code and link under my entrecard, please add me. Thank you, Dennis

Anonymous said...

Please add me to your list I could use the hits.

Anonymous said...

I would like to be added to your list, am posting your site on my blog

Anonymous said...

I would like to be added to your list, am posting your site on my blog

Todd Schaefer said...

Hello! I'd like to be added to the drop list. I've added your link to my blog. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hi! Greetings from Marang, Terengganu (East-Coast) of Malaysia,

I would like to join this group and like the idea of having this link. Great idea!

Lily Arbee said...

Hi! I like this "Drop, Learn and Improve" links, thanks to you. It encourage droppers not only just to do their daily drops and learn nothing from others, but this time to be aware that at the same time when visiting other blogs, we can learn and improve ourselves by reading some good posts. Not just "you drop, I follow trend" - where droppers just tend to drop and then hurry to different blogs, hop here and there without paying much attention to some good and educational & self-improvement posts with lessons & tips etc. So, eventually I think the rest of the droppers will realize this and will experience themselves when visiting other blogs as they will automatically tend to go through certain posts and read. Mark my words! As I experienced it!!!

Unknown said...

Nice! i would like to be added please, my blog name is...
UniVisions Spirit Connexions
@ karing4u.blogspot.com
and i am adding the link now. thanks!

Anonymous said...

Hi There,
I've added the code to my Fat Loss Tips Blog. I'd love to be added to this page..Thanks!


Janet Gardner said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Great idea! Could you please add my site to the list?

Losing It - Getting Fit

I have added the code to my site already.

EJ Cooksey

Lilly L. said...

Great service! I've added the code to http://mindvisualization.com Please add me to your list :)

Hope said...

Added code, GREAT idea!

Please add



Anonymous said...

Hi, I've added the code to the bottom of my entrecard, and would love to be part of your list.



Diana Yusuf said...

Hi, great idea. I've added your
link to my site, please check it out when you can. My blog contains self improvement and law of attraction articles.

please adding me in this community

Wenbin Nah said...

Harry, i'm afraid i cannot accept your blog on this droplist.

I have reviewed your blog and feel that it is a personal/make money type of blog instead of a Self Improvement (health and self development) blog.

Anonymous said...

Wenbin Nah I am interested in having my blog added to your droplist. My blog contains a mixed bag of content and does have some articles in the self development and growth category. Let me just name just a few titles that fall in that category:
1. If bees can do it why can't we.
2. Time to quit the demolition crew and join the construction crew.
3. Random thoughts of inspiration and motivation
4. Solitude is the antidote to loneliness
5. Who do you think you are?

I hope you will find the content worth adding to your drop list.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Please let me know if I can join this list.

Rick said...

I've put the button on my site.


Wenbin Nah said...

Hi Eusebia, i have added your blog to the list.

Christy, unfortunately, your blog is about arts and crafts and is unsuitable to join the list.

Rick, your blog is a personal blog which is also unsuitable. I'm sorry.

gbenton789 said...

I've added you entrecard bar to my blog as well, my site is more of a ecotherapy/relationship to the Earth site. Part environment/gardening/nature/ecology/spirituality. Hope you enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

I put your widget on my blog art mirror http://artmirror.blogspot.com/
It would be fine to be included into your drop list. My blog is art related, yet I think that's the best self improvement because the fines arts are not the crafts but the spiritual healing that starts as we recognize ourselves in others.

I am eagerly looking forward to your decision. I hope to be included.
My best wishes to you.

Laurie Brenner said...

Please add me to your list:

Self help/self-improvement been up and running since 3/2007

Pasted the link above the fold upper right on page. Thanks!

Windi said...

Hi, I added the link to my blog like you said to do. I would love to be added to your list!

Anonymous said...

You created the lovely community here. I was happy to add your widget on my blog http://artbytomas.blogspot.com/ and am proud of being one of you now. Thank you once again

irtiza said...

great list. it will definitely help me. i have a self improvement blog and i'd love to drop my card on self improvement blogs. thanks

Alec said...

Hi, I stumbled across you and have added you button to my blog.

Do you have a button for the 250x127 wide EC widget?

Thanks - Alec

Ana said...

Good Evening,
I found the 'Drop, Learn and improve' banner on Law of Attractions Masters blog page. My site is about self improvement, and is 8 months and running, and the entrecard is just above the twofold, though you still need to use the cursor to scroll down a little. I have just added the link to my site, and I am going to tweet it now. A great idea here. :) Happy to have found it.

Anonymous said...

I was happy to find this site and the idea is perfect. I have added the banner to my site -

I focus on mental health issues and living life

Coach Jenn said...

I would love to be added to this list. My current template does not allow for the Entrecard to be above the fold, but it is very prominent. I noticed some on the list do not have above the fold either.

Thanks for your consideration.

yljien said...

Thanks for the invite. I love to be added in your list. Mine is about self-empowerment.

It is a collection of whatever it is that would help equip, recharge and strengthen the key areas of life-The Spiritual, Physical, Financial, Mental, Emotional and Social/Relational Aspects.

Here's my blogsite:

Be blessed, bless others and live life blissfully!


Tomas said...

I am proud to be on your list. Thank you once again. Yet my blog was renamed recently. I would like to see these changes here too. Could you rename 24. Discovery of Oneself in my Artworks to Art by Tomas ?
Thank you for the help.

Daycare Dad said...

I run a website dedicated to helping parents with all of the challenges of finding good quality day care. The web site is http://www.decideondaycare.com and I would love to be added to this great list. I have added a link to this list in our sponsors and partners section. Thank you for the consideration!

Tomas' sketchbook said...

Thanks for the wonderful list and hope to be included here-to become one of you. My blog http://tomassketchbook.blogspot.com/
eagerly look forward to your decision.

daily joke said...

I am here from entrecard as a first timer... Nice one...

Anonymous said...

Definitely one of the challenges which people beginning a brand new on-line firm face is that of acquiring guests to their web site.

D. More said...

Thanks for the experience! Enjoyed what you have to say. Will be coming for more Self Development.

Jeanny said...

Hi, I hope you are still accepting sites to be included in your list. I have added your banner in my sidebar widget.