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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Public Speaking

What are some of the tips for better public speaking? Overcome your fear of public speaking and become a better public speaker with these simple tips for public speaking.

Tip 1 - Speak in a Loud and Clear Voice

This is so simple and obvious that it is often forgotten. People have the instinctive fear of public speaking and tend to have the tendency to speak more softely when we are scared.

Speaking confidently in a loud and clear voice is a simple, yet difficult tip to achieve.

Tip 2 - Speak at a Reasonable pace and use Appropriate Pauses

Some people ramble on too fast while others speak too slowly. We should all endevour to speak at a reasonable pace.

Do not be afraid to use appropriate pauses to emphasize certain points as well as to think about your next point.

Tip 3 - Use Hand Gestures

Public speaking in from of an audience does not involve the voice alone. Hand gestures are important as well.

Good use of hand gestures help to add emphasis to the speaker's important points as well as make the speech more interesting.

Tip 4 - Talk Candidly (if possible)

I was watching a good speaker talk about his points when halfway through his speech, he mentioned that he had drifted away from his points. Thats when it hit me! The truely great speakers do not speak from a memorized script. They just speak from the top of their head.

Speak just as if you were talking to a friend.

Follow these four tips in order to become a more effective public speaker.

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