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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Relationship Advice

'After being in a successful relationship for almost 2 years and on the verge of getting married, I thought I would share some important relationship advice on how to maintain a strong relationship with your partner.

1) Be Understanding –

Relationships have their ups and downs. No two people are perfect, and everybody is different. You should not expect your partner to share your point of view for all things.

The key is to try to be understanding to the other person’s feelings and to try to take the other person’s point of view. Compromise. Adopt the other person’s point of view more often and you should see more improvement in your relationships.

2) Make the Extra Effort –

Relationships don’t sustain themselves automatically. A plant requires nourishment and sunlight to grow, similarly, relationships require lots of nurturing for them to develop and grow. And all of this nurturing requires lots of time and extra effort for them to develop.

In life, we often times take our closest loved ones for granted, and don’t put in the necessary time to develop our relationships with them. Do make the extra effort to make time for your loved ones today.

3) Be Interesting (Or at least try to be interesting)
In many relationships, couples fall into a rut of doing the same things again and again. That coupled with the stagnation as a result of familiarity results in boredom in a relationship.

Periodically do something different or interesting to excite your partner. Go for a weekend getaway, do something nice for your partner for no reason. Avoid falling into that mundane ruet that many couples tend to fall into.

Relationships in an important aspect of our lives and we need to take the effort to nature them. These three simple relationship advice may require some effort to follow, but might provide much more joy and satisfaction to your relationships.

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Bob Crawford said...

Wonderful advice. My wife and I have been together 10 years and nothing beats communication for helping to make it through the ups and downs.


Stu said...

Well said....keep up the good work... my site might be of some help too, check it out: www.cupidsfix.net

Unknown said...

Well thought! Really good advice.. Just be yourself is the main thing actually. Talk to her, tell her how you feel, I’m sure she'll wanna help you if she cares about you a lot.

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african girl said...

Great advice indeed! I will surely follow this one. Though I and my bf have been together for almost 4 years and still there are misunderstandings that takes place. I am really glad that I come across to your blog and read this.