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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Charlie Chaplin's Greatest Speech

Most people remember Charlie Chaplin for his silent comedic films, but Chaplin was much more than just a genius with his non-verbal communication. He was a master at vocal communication as well, and this can be seen from his speech in the movie "The Great Dictator".

This speech was choosen as the best movie speech according to List Universe.

Charlie Chaplin’s Speech in "The Great Dictator"

When I saw this speech, I was awestruck…. Charlie Chaplin, famous for his comedic monologs, actually pulled off one of the most powerful speeches of all time.

Whats more, he achieved it without the use of gestures with his arms. What he did employ, however, was the use of the powerful facial expression.

His voice is firm and dramatic, with the proper emphasis when it is needed. Chaplin changes speed smoothly and easily, and this helps to highlight the points that he is trying to make.

For example, he suddenly slows down and extends the word “Greed…” (1.42) for emphasis. His voice, rich with color and expression.

The use of contrasts is also used well here. “We think too much and feel to little.(2.02) We have developed speed, but have shut ourselves in.(1.50)

He uses triads effectively “Tell you what to do, what to think and what to feel.” (3.06)

At the climax of the speech (3.30), Chaplin lifts his pace of speaking and correspondingly gradually raises his tone of voice like a rising crescendo.

This speech, from one of Chaplin's most commercially successful films, is not only powerful and dramatic, but still remains relevent even in today's world.
It also highlights Chaplin's capability as a effective communicator, both verbally as well as non-verbally.

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Anonymous said...

I've never heard Charlie Chopin nor seen his movies but basing on that clip, he does indeed have a great speech.

R.G. said...

Very Cool! I stumbled it!

Anonymous said...

Its very cool isn't it. If you're reading this comment now, do yourself a favor and check out the speech in the video. Its something special.

lankapo said...

I've never thought would see Charlie speaks hehehe

his speech is astonishing

Anonymous said...

Charlie was one of the greats, that's for sure! :)