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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

When a Wedding Invitation becomes Bad News

Imagine receiving a wedding invitation and groaning in dismay. Can’t imagine it? Well, South Koreans can.

I will have to fork out USD147 to attend 3 weddings,” lamented a 25 year old South Korean clerk, who earns about USD$1750 a month.

A recent report in the local newspaper highlighted the plight that many South Koreans face. Currently, South Koreans have a tradition of supporting one another by giving money at each wedding occasion.

According to their National Statistical Office, each household gave out an average of USD505 last year. (Average monthly household income is USD 3,509 as of 1Q 2007 according to the Korea National Statistical office)

According to a market research company, 90 percent of South Korean workers reported to be “stressed” by the expenses incurred during such occasions.

South Korea is an example of a typical society which places a greater emphasis on connections. Such practices are essential in maintaining a person’s social networks and are essential if reciprocation is expected on your own special occasions.

For some people, the practice of giving money at a wedding is an opportunity to highlight a person’s relationship with the family of the newlyweds. This has implications even in the business world as well. When children of important business leaders get married, many unfamiliar faces often show up with such gifts.

The act of being generous with your time as well as your money is an important aspect in being a people person. Most successful businessmen are known to be generous with their money when it comes to entertaining.

To become better liked, perhaps you should consider adopting a more generous mindset. Give and you shall receive. It is part of removing the focus from yourself and focusing on the needs of others. Only then will you be able to relate better to others and achieve the happiness that all of us crave as a result.


Anonymous said...

Ppl can easily give away money but when you ask them to invest some time...that's the difficult part.

Wenbin Nah said...

Thats very true. Time is often more valuable than money.

After all, when u lose money, u can often make it back. But when u lose time, its gone for good.

Mandino said...

wow, people can really have some money. I think that's just really huge. I have been trying to make a DVD invitation that I found in Silver Screen Invites.