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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Presentation Tips

Just imagine. You're presenting the results of your technical analysis to a group of managers. What do you do?

Please select the appropriate choice.

Do you...

a) Give a detailed, drawn-out elaboration about your recommendation, how you arrived at it, leaving out no details, including every technical tidbit hoping to impress everybody with your meticulous attitude.

b) Give a simple and to the point presentation of the results together with a basic outline. Hoping that your simple and clear presentation brings the message across.

The answer? ......

It depends on the audience!!!

Every presentation should always be centered on the audience. Do profile your audience before you prepare your presentation.

If your audience is a group of technical managers who are really into technical details, by all means, go wild with choice A.

On the other hand, if your audience is a mixed group of managers from many external departments with limited technical knowledge about the subject, avoid boring them with lengthy details.

Provide them with just enough background information to give understanding. Focus on their objectives for attending this presentation. The recommended approach here would be choice B.

Its that simple...

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Admin said...

simple...but i am always nervous when doing presentation...:(:(:(

Unknown said...

Great one there. Most of us have only one way to present an idea. Ironically, most of us have different ways of learning; by doing, by hearing, by mimicking or even learning from peer.

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Great post! I thought that I had it down but learned something. Enjoyed your blog!

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Anonymous said...

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