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Sunday, October 12, 2008

To be on Speaking Terms with People

This may come as something of a shock, but...

The chances are that, sometimes you are not on speaking terms with people - not even your closest friends.

"That's ridiculous" you might say. "I have a good nature, I am a good person, and i get along well with people..."

"What do you mean... not on speaking terms?"

You see, we might already have a misunderstanding, even only after a couple of statements.

So let's do one of the important things you have to do in order to communicate successfully. Let us make sure that we're talking about the same thing!

By "being on speaking terms," we simply mean exchanging ideas, facts and feelings with other people so that they understand you as you want them to understand you (and also the other way around).


When you were a baby, you were probably the best communicator. A good, loud yell was all the "language" you needed for the simple ideas you wanted to communicate... and you had a good and attentive audience.

But as an adult, you live in a much more complicated world. A world of words that mean different things to different people, because their interests and backgrounds are different from your own.

For most people, effective communication does not come naturally. It is a skill to be practiced and learned like any other.

In my next post, i will be expanding further about the "Four Purposes of Communication", so watch out for that.


Anonymous said...

Which brings to mind this "Engrish" sign outside a bowling alley in Tokyo:

Do you enjoy bowling?
Let's do bowling.
Breaking down the pins
and enjoying hot communication.

Unknown said...

I wouldn't come across as a good conservationist. In fact, I find it quite a chore to carry on a decent conversation beside the regular hello-hi-bye.

Sometimes I wonder how people can go on and on talking about what they have been doing for the weekend. Any tips there? :)

Ok, that sounds way too kinky. I cannot wait to 'break' the pins down for some 'hot' communication.

Anonymous said...

I have just two words for your blog: commendable and splendid. Keep it up.