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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Art of Persuasion

In the art of persuasion, there is a small and simple word that everybody craves.

The word is "yes".

Just because that yes is simple and understandable, that does not mean that we should be fooled into believing that anybody can obtain it easily from another person.

In Robert Cialdini's book Influence: Science and Practice, he talks about the six universal principles of social influence. Let us take a look at what these six principles are.

1) Reciprocation - The feeling of obligation to return favours performed for us.

2) Authority - Looking towards the guidance of experts to show us the way.

3) Commitment/Consistency - The feeling that each individual has of acting consistently with their own commitments and values.

4) Scarcity - The less available a resource, the more people will want it.

5) Liking - The more we like a person, the more we want to say yes to them.

6) Social Proof - Looking to the behaviour of others to guide ones behaviour.

These six principles act as the foundation for the majority of successful social influence strategies. Aside from these six factors, there are also many other persuasion techniques that are based on psychological factors.

Everyone persuades for a living. There is no way around it. Whether if you are a sales professional, an entrepreneur, or even a stay at home parent, if you are unable to convince others to your way of thinking, you will be constantly left behind.

Donald Trump said it best, "Study the art of persuasion. Practice it. Develop an understanding of its profound value across all aspects of life."

In upcoming posts, we will be looking at some tips and strategies that each and everyone of us can utilise in our everyday lives to influence and persuade.

The Persuasion Power of Social Proof


Interpersonal Communication Skills said...

Hi interesting post. I look forward to your upcoming posts on tips and strategies =)

Patricia Rockwell said...

It's funny--fifty years ago, it was called "persuasion" and we thought only salespeople practiced it. Now, we realize, as you point out, that persuasion is part of everything we do and say, at work and in our daily lives. Social influence--we influence others, whether we realize it, whether we intend to, or not. Good suggestions. I'm glad you pointed out the connection between persuasion and social influence.

L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

Your post is definitely persuasive enough for me to read and comment on :)

I guess we depend a lot on persuasion. Especially in todays socially networked world, we have to use persuasion more than any other skill. I think for earlier man it was easier because he used force to make things happen :)

Anonymous said...

six principles were interesting to read. They are beneficial to know and keep in mind wherever we go indeed. Thank you for the sharing.
Just one warns me. It was hard to accept "Everyone persuades for a living." Unfortunately,that's the truth. People want not to talk (not to have a fellowship)but just to display themselves to other...
Six principles were beneficial to me because the knowledge of them makes me the better listener.

Anonymous said...

I added your link to my blogroll and thank you for the possibility to do that.
I see your blog as the trustworthy companion to the sacred 'here and now', where there are no place for the empty words, but the consciousness of the maturity blossom out the awe of childish smile.
I would be greatly honored to see your reciprocal link to my blog "discovery of oneself in my artworks" http://artbytomas.blogspot.com/
Thanks once again

tintu said...

Hi interesting post.

Anonymous said...

Complex Post. This transmit helped me in my university assignment. Thanks Alot