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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Presenting with Visual Aids

The visual aid is an invaluable tool which should be utilised in a presentation.

Remember that over 70% of communication is non-verbal. Hence, visual aids can definately help to enhance the quality of a presentation.

What are Visual Aids?
Visual aids are materials which you can use during a presentation to help your listener understand, accept and be motivated by what you have to say.

You should use visual aids when you need to
1) Focus the audience's attention
2) Reinforce your verbal message
3) Stimulate Interest
4) Illustrate factors that are hard to visualise

You should NEVER use visual aids to
1) Impress your audience with overly detailed tables or graphs
2) Avoid interaction with your audience
3) Present simple ideas that can be more easily stated verbally

Examples of Visual Aids
Examples that can be used to enhance a presentation include:
1) Computer-based visuals such as Powerpoint
2) Overhead transparencies
3) Flipcharts
4) Whiteboards
5) Props
6) Video
7) Photographs

Some questions to ask yourself when you make a presentation are
1) Are your visual aids appropriate for the speech and message that you are trying to convey?
2) Do the visual aids help you to carry your point across?
3) Are my visual aids simple, clear and concise?

Some addition presentation tips from my own experience are
1) Be careful not to block your visual aids when you make your presentation.
2) Do arrive earlier beore hand to check the working condition of the electronic equipment such as computers, projectors and microphones.
3) Visual aids are good, but you can make a good presentation great by integrating effective body gestures in your presentation.
4) Use more layman terms to elaborate your points. When you are presenting, there is a tendency to use jargan within your speech.
5) Do add a personal touch to your speech. You can do this by providing examples that the audience can relate to.

Here are some addition resources and tips for a better presentation
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Singapore singles dating said...

Very good post on visual aids. Some of the points are things that even experienced presenters may neglect.

Joshua G said...

This is all great! I personally use and love flip charts (as long as you can spell) because They never crash like windows, anyone can use them, you can hang them on the walls during the break, and best of all NO POWER NEEDED! Just remember have great content then use the flip charts to make your point don't use the addons to make it a better talk.

Procrastinating Pete said...

In teaching, there are different strategies that we can use t be efective. Visual aids are among the best media to use when teaching expecially to children. Most of the time, people need to see things before they can learn doing them. And aside from that, visual aids can explain things more than just describing it.

pravin cumar said...

Thank you,it was highly informative.Wont the visual aids distract the audience's focus over the presenter?How should an effective presenter deliver his presentation using a visual aid?

security equipment said...

This is not the first of your posts I've read, and you never cease to amaze me. Thank you, and I look forward to reading more.

Mike McQueen said...

Thanks for sharing this informative article on visual aids.

Mike @ Presentation Skills Training
Black Isle Communications

Manual handling training said...

For growing your business, it is essential to have great presentation and communication skills. Both of these should therefore be part of every key business training.