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Monday, December 8, 2008

Ten Guidelines for Better Communication Part 1

Are you interested in communicating more effectively? Do you want some rules to help encourage effective communication?

Here are ten tips that can definitely help you to communicate more effectively.

1. Think Before You Speak and Put Things in Logical Order

You can't expect to communicate in a clear manner if your thoughts come out in a disorganized way. Outline your thoughts in your own mind before letting it out. Remember, you can't erase words once they're out of your mouth.

When things are disorganized, people become confused and disinterested. Make sure that your thoughts are structured and organized before you communicate them.

2. Use Your Past Experience

Each individual has his or her style of communication. We need to learn from paste experiences in order to communicate more effectively.

Stop to think: "What have I learned previously that will help me communicate more effectively this time around?"

3. Try and Catch People in a Frame of Mind to listen

An individual who is worried, angry or is preoccupied won't "hear" you any better than if you were talking next to a very noisy machine. This acts as a barrier which impedes effective communication.

In this process of communication, many factors act as noise which distorts the message from its original meaning, These factors could include a person's unreceptive or negative mood which acts as a barrier to effective communication This "barrier" or "noise" acts to distort the message in the communication process.

My post about "Understanding the Communication Process" elaborates on this point further. It talks about the communication process and the noise that distorts the message.

4. Arouse Interest in the Other Individual

A person's attention is like money in a sense. He will only give it to you if he expects to get something worthwhile in return. To get someone to listen, you will have to motivate him just as you would to get him to do anything else.

We individuals are interested in what we want, but unfortunately, no one else is. In order to win over the minds and hearts of other people, why talk about what we want? The individual who is able to put the needs of others above his or her own will be able to win the hearts of others.

The post "Arouse in the Other Person an Eager Want" elaborates more about this important point.

5. Find Common Ground

If you want somebody to agree with you, or even to listen to you, try to imagine how he or she feels about this topic and take his viewpoint into account.

Do stay tuned for next week's post where i reveal the next five guidelines for better communication.

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Anonymous said...

Communication is foundation to build quality relationships so - everyone could use a lesson or two... ;)

Anonymous said...

Great posts, communication is so important in any relationship. I need to read more books about this subject. Thanks for sharing.