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Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Five Types of Communication in an Organisation

In any organization, it is important to have open channels of communication, but how does information actually flow through an organization?

Generally in any organization, there are five ways in which communication can move around.

These five ways fall into two broad categories. They are: Structured and Spontaneous. Let us first look at the different types of structured communication in an organization.

1. Chain of Command:
Eg Directives from senior management to junior executives.

2. Written Word
Eg Circulars, memos, manuals, handbooks, bulletins, newsletters, publications, etc

3. Representative System:
Eg Trade union representation, meetings, discussions

On the other hand, spontaneous communication in an organization include

4. Informal Work Groups:
Eg Informal leaders, group norms, discussions

5. Gossip:
Get togethers (both inside and outside of work, recreation clubs, social gatherings)

Thus, it is obvious that communication is important, both in its structured as well as in its spontaneous form. All five ways are channels of communication in which communication can flow through an organization.

No matter what category, whether structured or spontaneous, communication is either written or spoken. In my next post, i will be examining the advantages and disadvantages of written and spoken communication respectively.

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