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Saturday, November 15, 2008

Learn to Wait

How do you handle bad news?

Do you handle the situation impulsively, go off into a flying rage, and shoot the messenger? Or do you step back and give yourself time to consider the situation analytically before you respond?

Bad news is often not as bad as it is initially perceived to be. People often react impulsively to bad news and make bad decisions based on their emotions.

How often has a loved one delivered disappointing news, and you proceed to unleash a barrage of emotional language onto the messenger?

Patience is important, and the lack of patience could be disastrous to your life and relationships. The simple act of allowing a little time to pass, can totally alter the situation, provide a solution to your problem and could even possibly render the entire situation trivial or meaningless.

Possible confrontations can be diffused and new perspectives gained. Indeed, a lot can be gained, simply by allowing yourself to step back and size up the situation impassively.

Here is a song by Take That, to remind you to "Have a little Patience..."


Patricia Rockwell said...

And patience is something we are all going to need lots of in the coming holiday season as we will have to wait in long lines! Your post makes good suggestions for an important skill.

Interpersonal Communication Skills said...

One way to start practicing patience is to breathe. Stop for a moment before reacting and breathe, that brief moment will allow you to assess your choices and save you from potential regret and inconveniences.