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Friday, April 11, 2008

Barack Obama is my Speaking Idol

Yes, I said it. Barack Obama is my Speaking Idol.

Barack Obama is an excellent speaker. I think that there is no doubt about it. There is something hypnotic about the way in which he gives his public speeches and this is one of his most powerful tools in his campaign for the presidency of the United States.

Do I think he is the best candidate to become president? That is something that the American public has to decide. I personally think that all 3 candidates have something to offer America. But one thing is certain, Barack Obama is able to deliver his message and connect with the audience better than Hillary Clinton or John McCain, and this helps him to rally support for his causes and ideas.

(Check out the video posted above where he publically rejects Hillary Clinton's offer to be her vice president)

So, how does he do it? And how can you achieve this?

In all of Obama’s speeches, I always felt compelled to watch to the end. There is something hypnotic in the way he makes public speeches.

Note how he connects with the audience through the use of vocal variety and the use of dramatic pauses. Note how his pace and effective use of pauses emphasises his points and buys him time to think.

Note his effective use of gestures which serve to emphasise his points. Note the confidence in his speech, full of drive and vigour that it is captivating the attention of many Americans. He radiates smiles and confidence that is essential in a good public speech.

Try these techniques in your next speech and let me know how it went for you.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Outstanding video. It just reinforces my basic rules of communication... HOW you say what you say is just as important as WHAT you say. R. Edward Turner, Ph.D. www.communicationskillsblog.com