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Saturday, April 5, 2008

Give Better Oral Presentations Step 1

As i am due to deliver two oral presentations (for my communication module as well as for my thesis paper), I have decided to share some pointers on how to deliver a better oral presentation.

In order to be able to deliver more successful oral presentation, here is a guide that will hopefully help you to prepare your message in a focused and organised manner.

Step 1. Clarify the Purpose of your Presentation

Although this step may appear to be trivial, it is important to identify the primary goal of your presentation before you even begin. Many presenters start preparing their speeches without having a clear idea of the purpose of their presentation. The result? A disorganised speech which confuses the audience.

Having a clear idea of the purpose of the speech will help you, the speaker, to present your message across in a clearer, more coherent manner. Aid you in achieve this objective, ask yourself questions such as: “What am I trying to achieve?” or “What are people supposed to do after hearing my presentation?”

Tune in for step 2 featured my next post...
Give Better Oral Presentations Step 2 and 3

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