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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Control your Presentation Fears

As I was surfing the web, looking good presentation tips, I noticed a curious trend. The 2 most common problems that people face when it comes to delivering presentation are namely,

1. Powerpoint issues
2. Fear / Nervousness issues

I will likely post more about these topics in the near future, but from my point of view, the way to overcoming the fear of presentation is to PRACTICE.

Getting neverous before an important presentation is totally normal. I’m nervous everytime I am due to speak, and I’ll bet great public speakers like Barack Obama feel just as nervous as you or I.

Speaking expert TJ Walker makes the following enlightening points

-If you feel nervous before a speech, chances are, your speech is boring!!
-Most speeches in this world, business, political, etc… are boring.

If you want to feel good about your speech, make it interesting. Talk in terms of the audience’s perspective.

TJ Walker further points out that you should watch a video of your speech, in order to ensure that you have interesting stuff to say, when you practice. When you like how you sound and what you are saying, then it will be impossible to be nervous.


Anonymous said...

I have tried the practice makes perfect routine and I am still a terrible public speaker. It seems that for some of us it is just not a natural thing to do.

Chato B. Stewart said...

I know what you mean Renee, I am o.k. as along as I pretend i'm in control... just stick to my notes and add a little humor into. Still after 200 or more lectures or speeches I've given on different subjects my gut is always tied up and twisted... that is when i try and tell myself, I can do it, i know the information, I know my audience and i always make sure I have a few things I can fall back on in case something happens...

pravin cumar said...

FEAR is just a False Evidence Appearing Real.Do you think practice will make a person get rid of fear completely?