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Sunday, April 6, 2008

Give Better Oral Presentations Step 4 and 5

Here is step 4 and 5 of the preparation for oral presentation series. Once you have researched your topic (in step 3), you should;

Step 4. Organise your Information and Prepare your Message

Once the relevant information is obtained, you will need to organise your information and prepare your message.

Several methods that you can consider to organise your message include

- Chronological Order. This is good for instructional and informative messages.
- Problem followed by solution. This is good for persuasive messages.
- Cause and Effect. This is good for messages with the purpose of informing with a call for action.

Once you have decided on the organisation of your speech, you will need to write it. When doing so, keep in mind the needs of the audience. Develop your main ideas with supporting ideas organised in a clear pattern.

Step 5. Prepare the Outline of your Message

The outline of the speech consists of the main and supporting points. This acts as a guide when you speak. Start by listing the main point or heading, then list down the supporting points or ideas. The purpose of this is to arrange the material in such a way that it will be easy to commit to memory when rehearsing.

Step 6, the final step in the oral presentation preparation series will be featured in the next post. What will it talk about? What is the final, and perhaps the most critical step in the oral presentation process? Stay tuned...

Give Better Oral Presentations Step 6 and Conclusion

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