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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Give Better Oral Presentations Step 6 and Conclusion

Here is the final step on how to prepare for a oral presentation.

Step 6. Rehearse your Presentation

The only way to become a better speaker is through hard work and lots of practice.

Practice helps you to commit your main points to memory and helps to eliminate any potential hiccups, thus helping to boost your confidence when presenting.

There are several different techniques that can help you prepare.
One common technique is to practice in front of a mirror. This will allow you to focus on your non-verbal cues, posture and gestures as you practice. You can also use a webcam if available to record yourself for further evaluation. Finally, it will be great if you could engage a family member or friend to sit through your presentation. The experience of presenting your material in front of a live person will be invaluable together with the tips and advice they might be able to offer.

Finally, before your speech, you may start to feel a little nervous. This is only natural. Acknowledge your fears and believe that you will be able to overcome them. Remember that the audience is listening to you for a reason and will likely to be sympathetic to you. Everybody feels nervous but the successful individual is able to overcome this fear and achieve his or her potential.

Here is a recap of all 6 steps to follow when preparing for an oral presentation

Step 1. Clarify the Purpose of your Presentation
Step 2. Clearly Define your Audience
Step 3. Research your Topic
Step 4. Organise your Information and Prepare your Message
Step 5. Prepare the Outline of your Message
Step 6. Rehearse your Presentation

The skill of public speaking is a valuable tool used in a wide variety of situations. Follow the guidelines highlighted above in your next speech and you will be on your way to becoming a better public speaker. Advance boldly and let your ideas be heard!

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